Raising an LGBTQ+ Kiddo - Guest Post by Felicia Nykaza

Being a mom/mum/mommy/mama/madre is hard no matter how you cut it, but there is definitely a different style curveball with raising an LGBTQ+ kiddo.
I remember the first Mother’s Day after my child came out and it wasn’t the gifts that stuck with me, it was a sweet little handwritten fill in their teacher had the students do. This simple little letter just made this mama’s heart swell and filled my eyes with water. 
They were so young. Their spelling was still that of cute little errors. Sigh, how that one's little piece of paper told me they saw not only me as a mom, but all the trials and battles I was fighting for them.
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I don’t believe the coming out process is ever “easy,” but it has to be especially difficult when you are the youngest and or the first to do so in all your classes. So, I did what any parent, any mom should do and stood along side them to cheer them on, cuddle them on those hard days, and find them a place to belong. Finding any youth LGBTQ+ education, resources or safe space to be and to have others that understood.
All that hard work and mothering was seen! ...though, really all of it would have been done time and time again in a millisecond even without any notice, because I am their mom and this is what moms do. We fight for our children and do everything for their future, being LGBTQIA makes no difference to me. It’s just another layer of what makes my kiddo special.
But thinking back, and reflecting now, I honestly still can’t get through reading that note without tearing up. It’s these little heart felt things that make Mother’s Day what it is. I’m so lucky to be their mom.
Be strong and fearless mama, your kiddo sees it, even if you think they don’t and trust me they love you! 
Happy Mother’s Day!
xo Felicia, from Ello Felicia 


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    I love this! Such a great reminder!

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